Issues and Policy

Kathryn Garcia has been a public servant accountable to 8.4 million New Yorkers for 14 years, during which she solved some of the city’s biggest challenges in times of crisis. From getting 42 pump stations back up and running 72 hours after Superstorm Sandy, to spearheading the emergency food program during COVID19 that has delivered over 200 million meals to New Yorkers in need. Kathryn believes in government that serves you. Our city needs an experienced leader, this is not a time for on-the-job training. Kathryn can get it done.


Reopen to stay open.

Kathryn is ready to lead the best city in the world to a better tomorrow. The core of Kathryn’s recovery plan is meaningful economic relief and job pathways for the most vulnerable New Yorkers, a plan for small businesses to reopen and stay open, and a green future.

Climate Change

Kathryn has been at the front lines of fighting climate change for her entire career. Kathryn’s a comprehensive five borough approach with the right resiliency strategies for every community that will right past wrongs and move New York City to a fully renewable energy economy starting on day one.

Housing that Heals

Health and housing are linked. Residents who do not have stable or quality housing are less healthy. Safe, secure, affordable housing is a basic human right. Kathryn will focus the City’s housing agenda on outcomes. Kathryn will address street homelessness with urgency and compassion. As NYC Recovers we need housing that heals and increased affordability.

Public Safety + Police Reform

Driving down crime and police reform are not in conflict with one another. We all need to feel safe. Black Lives Matter. Kettling is wrong. If you break the rules, you get fired. Driving down crime and police reform are not in conflict with one another. what it’s going to take to keep our communities safe and reform the NYPD. Kathryn’s plan will drive down crime and restore trust in the NYPD.


Education is about building a more equitable city. Our kids deserve the best education that we can give them, and our parents deserve to feel at ease with the process, not stressed.


Public transportation is the heartbeat of New York. We must ensure that our public spaces serve the public first. Kathryn’s transportation plan is the most climate focused plan. A safe, reliable and efficient transportation system will power our recovery.

A healthy city is one where all New Yorkers get the care they need, when they need it. That means improving access to regular, affordable healthcare, but also affordable housing, quality jobs, and clean air. Kathryn’s holistic approach will ensure that no New Yorker has to delay needed care due to cost or accessibility.

Caring For New Yorkers

A Garcia Administration Will Be Committed To Supporting And Caring For All New Yorkers — And Making NYC More Liveable For New Yorkers At Every Age

New Yorkers need to know that nothing is more progressive than making government work for everyone. Having a progressive vision can only be achieved if you can execute on it — and that’s why the New York Times and the Daily News endorsed Kathryn Garcia. She is the ONLY one who can deliver a safer, healthier, more livable city for everyone. Unlike every other candidate, Kathryn is not a politician but a proven leader with a track record of success and serving our city.

Kathryn will ensure safe streets and subways for everyone – no matter your neighborhood or the color of your skin. She will confront the homeless crisis and addressing housing and affordability challenges mindful of both renters and owners. As we turn the corner on COVID, Kathryn will make sure small businesses reopen and stay open, through her single city permit program. And as we look towards the future, Kathryn’s policies will create new jobs and build pathways and opportunities for students who graduate from CUNY or trade schools.