Climate change

We have an obligation to future generations to protect this city and to be leaders in fighting climate change. It’s not only our duty, it’s an opportunity to make our city better for everyone. We need to get back on track.

Kathryn has been at the front lines of fighting climate change for her entire career

At the Department of Environmental Protection, she rid the city of #6 heating oil, one of the dirtiest and most damaging fuels. She went on to launch the City’s first electronic waste recycling program, ban styrofoam and build the nation’s largest food scraps recycling program to send zero waste to landfills. She passed reform to eliminate 8 million miles of garbage truck traffic from NYC streets every year.

Kathryn’s bold vision for New York City would transform every sector and move New York City to a fully renewable energy economy starting on day one.

We can win the war against asphalt and asthma and make NYC a green oasis. From planting new trees in the South Bronx to curb air pollution to creating renewable energy jobs and renovating schoolyards in East New York, our Green New York City future will right past wrongs.

We are surrounded by water – adapting to the realities of climate change isn’t optional. That means a comprehensive five borough approach with the right resiliency strategies for every community. We must protect New Yorkers against flooding, extreme heat, and air pollution.

Climate action can’t be separated from social justice. Every action we take will be measured and held to the only standard that makes sense–are we protecting our most vulnerable communities?

photo of Kathryn Garcia candidate for New York City Mayor

Climate Change


Move New York City to a fully renewable energy economy starting on day one

Win the war against asphalt and asthma and make NYC a green oasis

Housing X Climate

Transportation X Climate

Education X Climate

Make the long term commitments we need to get to Zero Waste

Implement neighborhood-based resilience strategies to storms, flooding and heatwaves

Follow through on implementing key environmental justice policies

Endorsed by

–The New York League of Conservation voters and Streets Pac

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Garcia also rolled out new green initiatives, including converting 150 million square feet to green infrastructure, decarbonizing the New York City Housing Authority and reallocating 25 percent of car space into space for people by 2025.


Former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia wants to move on stalled existing plans to protect neighborhoods from flooding.


Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia is proposing making 10,000 school buses fully electric.


A centerpiece of [Garcia’s] plan includes an idea that environmental advocates have pushed for years: requiring school buses, whose gas and diesel emissions have been linked to respiratory illnesses in children, to be fully electric. Approximately 150,000 city school children ride yellow school buses daily.