Health is more than just healthcare. Kathryn will fight for the building blocks of a healthy, livable, and equitable city for all New Yorkers.

To address long-standing inequity and racial disparities in health outcomes that have been exacerbated by COVID-19, we need to systematically improve the conditions in which people live, work, and learn.

That means affordable housing, quality jobs, and clean air — but also improving access to regular, affordable healthcare. A healthy city is one where all New Yorkers get the care they need, when they need it.

Kathryn’s holistic approach will ensure that no New Yorker has to delay needed care due to cost or accessibility. Many of the highest need community districts are also health care deserts, lacking in healthcare facilities and professionals. We will work to close the coverage gap and expand telehealth and community-based approaches to bring care closer to you.

Every day, New Yorkers navigating healthcare and social services experience frustration and bureaucracy. We will take every step to improve this experience, because better access means better outcomes. Our plan will invest in coordinated systems and faster, easier benefits access that help residents stay connected to the services they need.

From targeted investments in mental health, a focus on the seriously mentally ill and young people, and proven community-based approaches to close the maternal mortality gap, we will prioritize dignity in care for all.

health policy


Leave no New Yorker without access to affordable, quality care

Create a unified and coordinated citywide healthcare system, leveraging both our critical public hospitals and private healthcare providers

Make it easier to access benefits and services

Close the maternal mortality gap

Address the growing mental health crisis with compassion and urgency

Enroll 100% of eligible NYers for SNAP benefits

Make the healthiest, most nutritious option the easiest option in every community

Health x Climate

Endorsed by

— Planned Parenthood and NOW 


Media Coverage


With an estimated two million New Yorkers struggling to afford enough food, mayoral hopeful Kathryn Garcia is releasing a health plan that aims to get New Yorkers access to primary care doctors and mental health support — but also get their hands on healthy food.


We need to save our mothers’: Mayoral hopeful Garcia outlines plan to boost healthcare for NYC women. Kathryn Garcia, mayoral candidate and former Commissioner for the New York City Sanitation Department, pledged to make boosting women’s healthcare rights a key goal if elected to the city’s highest office.


Mayoral contender Kathryn Garcia rolled out several health policy proposals ... aimed at bridging disparities that have had a negative impact on people of color throughout New York City... [Garcia] wants to enroll all eligible city residents in Medicaid and food stamps, reduce wait times for primary care physician appointments to a week at most and drastically cut the number of mothers who die during pregnancy — a problem that’s most acutely felt among black women.


Before quitting to run for mayor, Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia also oversaw the effort to provide meals to New Yorkers whom COVID-19 exposed to the risk of malnutrition. Her food plan... aims for the lofty goal of getting 100 percent of people who are eligible for federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits signed up for them, and promises to make enrolling in those and other benefit programs easier