Public transportation is the heartbeat of New York. It’s the way we get to work, school, and the doctor’s office–and it needs to work for everyone. Kathryn’s plan will deliver a safe, reliable and efficient transportation system to power our recovery.

Today, our streets and sidewalks are a losing battle between competing uses

Instead, we must ensure that our public spaces serve the public first.

Even before COVID, too many New Yorkers faced long, unreliable commutes to work and school, and entire neighborhoods were underserved by public transportation. Incremental change here isn’t going to cut it.

Smart, effective transportation strategy means bringing new jobs closer to where New Yorkers live, learn and play–and protecting our environment. Kathryn’s transportation plan is the most climate focused plan.

Our plan will create more equitable access to jobs by expanding transportation options, but also protect our health and make our streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes safer and more enjoyable. Building on the success of open streets and outdoor dining, we have an unprecedented opportunity to redefine our streetscape and create vibrant outdoor spaces that will attract tourism and drive our recovery. 

Today, our streets and sidewalks are a losing battle between competing uses.


Ensure our public spaces serve the public first

a bold approach to sidewalk and curbside use to improve quality of life

Speed up buses, expand and better maintain protected bike lane network

Expand and strengthen our public transit system for all New Yorkers

Achieve safer streets by focusing on interventions that work

Transportation x Climate

Make it easier to ditch diesel and switch to electric vehicles

Push for the adoption of congestion pricing

Rapid implementation of the Commercial Waste Zones plan to realize the benefit of removing 18 million miles of Sanitation truck traffic from NYC streets every year

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— Streets Pac

Media Coverage


"It is a visionary package that focuses on getting it done,” she said. “A lot of people have vision, but can you get it done?”


Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia is proposing making 10,000 school buses fully electric and creating a system requiring parking permits for New York City motorists using street parking for car storage


Kathryn Garcia, the city’s former Sanitation Commissioner, sees herself as a logistical expert who’s well-equipped to streamline the city’s sluggish bureaucracy — skills she said will help her speed up New York’s notoriously slow buses.


New York City’s streetscape would change drastically under mayoral hopeful Kathryn Garcia’s vision for revamping transportation in the Big Apple. And Garcia is betting those changes would make New Yorkers’ commutes easier and soften the city’s carbon imprint on the environment.


A centerpiece of [Garcia’s] plan includes an idea that environmental advocates have pushed for years: requiring school buses, whose gas and diesel emissions have been linked to respiratory illnesses in children, to be fully electric. Approximately 150,000 city school children ride yellow school buses daily.